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cannot delete empty folders using wincvs from windows XP

From: Jordi Castells
Subject: cannot delete empty folders using wincvs from windows XP
Date: 16 Oct 2003 23:05:08 +0200

I am using wincvs 1.2 running over a windows xp, with a repository in a
local network directory

when I do a checkout or update (with the prune empty directories
enabled) to a destination directory that is also located in the network
the following message apear

cvs checkout: Updating hsc_i5100/source/pssarm/sys/os/.sniffdir
cvs checkout: cannot remove .sniffdir directory: Directory not empty

with a directory that is empty and of course the directory is not deleted

if I do the same running on a windows 98 or windows 95 client it works ok and 
the empty direcotry is deleted
I also verify that windows xp works ok if the destination directory is the 
local one (C: or D:)

is there any thing that I can do to solve this problem with windows xp

thanks in advance

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