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Deadline Solaris 9 server help v1.11.5

From: Randy Millis
Subject: Deadline Solaris 9 server help v1.11.5
Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2003 13:14:01 -0600

I have minimal experience with CVS and am seeking some quick install help,
guides or scripts to get CVS going on a Solaris 9 server with two initial
repositories. Does anything like this exist that anyone can point me to?

I'm on a deadline to get this in production for a critical project in a few

I have skimmed the "cederqvist-1.11.6.pdf" and have a basic understanding of
CVS from a user perspective.

I will have local UNIX users using CVS from the command line as well as
WinCVS and Tortoise Windows clients accessing the server.

I am interested in using pserver authentication, but also wondered if any
ssh based authentication mechanisms exist?

I'd like to have the users use their existing login credentials supplied by
NIS. I doubt this makes much difference VS local UNIX accounts, but thought
I'd ask anyway.

I was planning to use the "cvs-1.11.5-sol9-sparc-local.gz" package from .

As well, in addition tot he cederqvist are there any other good documents
that will help me administer cvs in my environment?

What X-Clients can I get my UNIX users going on?

I appreciate any comments, tips, etc.

Thanks very much!

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