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commitinfo can't open file being committed

From: Beachey, Kendric
Subject: commitinfo can't open file being committed
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 14:01:11 -0500

I'm starting to do some messing around with commitinfo.  My intent is to
write a perl script that examines the file being committed (which will be
html), noting whether it contains character references (e.g.
ampersand-pound-153-semicolon).  It will suggest changing these to entity
references (e.g. ampersand-trade-semicolon), both in the commit output and
in an email if I can swing that.

Anyway, I've got a simple script going:  (feel free to belittle or suggest

-------8<--cut here--8<---------
$message = "commitinfo test\n\n";
$send_mail = 0;

foreach $i (0..$#ARGV)
        $message .= "arg $i = $ARGV[$i]\n";

$filespec = $ARGV[0] . "/" . $ARGV[1];
$message .= "\n\nfilespec = $filespec\n";

print $message;

open (INPUT, "<$filespec") || die ("Could not open file $filespec : $!\n");

while (<INPUT>)
        $line = $_;
        if ($line =~ /hey/)
                $send_mail = 1;
                $blurb = "Line $. = <$_>\n";
                $message .= $blurb;
                print $blurb;

close (INPUT);

$message .= "\ntest done\n";

print $message;

if ($send_mail == 1)
        `/bin/echo "$message"| /bin/mail address@hidden;
-------8<--cut here--8<---------

...and I've got commitinfo running this script successfully.  The typical
output is something along these lines:

-------8<--cut here--8<---------
address@hidden dev_testing]$ echo "hey" >> kendrics.commitinfo.test
address@hidden dev_testing]$ cvs commit -m "more testing"
cvs commit: Examining .
commitinfo test

arg 0 = /cvs/internet/docs/dev_testing
arg 1 = kendrics.commitinfo.test

filespec = /cvs/internet/docs/dev_testing/kendrics.commitinfo.test
Could not open file /cvs/internet/docs/dev_testing/kendrics.commitinfo.test
: No such file or directory
cvs server: Pre-commit check failed
cvs [server aborted]: correct above errors first!
address@hidden dev_testing]$
-------8<--cut here--8<---------

>From reading Karl Fogel's book on CVS, I am led to believe the file I am
committing should exist temporarily in the repository so that the script can
open it up and read it.  But it appears this is not happening.  Am I
completely misunderstanding what I should be doing, or is something actually
wrong with the repository config?

Kendric Beachey

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