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Re: Help merging vendor branch:

From: Dan . Crea
Subject: Re: Help merging vendor branch:
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 16:45:39 -0600

Hi Derek:

I am sorry, I am still a bit new to CVS.  I don't know what val-tags are? 
Also, where am I executing the cvs up ... form?  Is this in the working
directory of the branch   That is cvs -r co -r <branch> <module>?


Derek Robert Price <address@hidden>
10/29/2003 04:42 PM

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        Subject:        Re: Help merging vendor branch:

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address@hidden wrote:

|Hello all:
|I need some help merging a vendor branch into a "regular" branch.  I just
|imported a new vendor branch.  I now need to propagate this branch onto
|all the branches that where already existing before the import.  How can
|do this?
|Thanks much!

Make sure a tag that isn't attached to any files appears in val-tags.
Then do a merge using the release tag you specified to import:

    cvs up -j<nonexistanttag> -j<releasetag>

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