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Re: Changing CVS repository name

From: Lars Thuring
Subject: Re: Changing CVS repository name
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 09:32:33 +0100
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address@hidden wrote:
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Lars Thuring wrote:

| Also we did not find a solution to multi-user access control to
different modules so we are skipping that. The NFS mount point will only
be used by a cron command to do the nightly backup of the repository.

That's just a matter of using standard UNIX user and group permissions.
You need to use a LockDir with write permissions for everybody if
anybody has read-only access to any projects.  Otherwise users who are
supposed to have read-only access can't even read since they don't have
permission in the repository project dirs to create lock directories and

That is what we tried but we did not make any special provisions for the LockDir.

What we did to test this was to create a user "cvs" (also with a group with the same name) which owned all the directories in the /data hierarchy, so that owner and group of all files was set to "cvs". Using CVSROOT/passwd to set cvs user id to "cvs" worked ok so we then added individual users here, like "cvslth". "cvslth" was also a member of the group "cvs" using group access settings. We had imagined that would work, but it did not. All rights within /data was "rwxrwxr-x" for files and dirs.

Is there an example on how to do this somewhere online? We could also live with using several repositories on the same server, but this doesn't seem possible as there is only one /etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver file on the server stating where the repository lies, right? The texts on multiple repositories we have found all talk about checking out from different server to the same directories on the client which is not what we want.

best regards,

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