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Re: Help merging vendor branch:

From: Dan . Crea
Subject: Re: Help merging vendor branch:
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 09:44:10 -0600

Hello again.

Okay...I am now officially lost.  ( and thoroughly confused! )  I have
read all the CVS manual and I have been screwing around with this for
several hours and I still can't get this to work.  I guess I really don't
understand how merging works.  Anyway, back to what I am trying to do.

Here is what I am doing, that is not working:

First I checkout the branch that I am working on:
        cvs -r co -r b_code_cleanup -d b_code_cleanup MG_HEDGE

Now I want to merge the vendor branch Doxygen, tag doxygen_1-3-4 to the
b_code_cleanup branch.

So I do cd to the b_code_cleanup directory and try the following:

cvs update -r doxygen_1-3-4 -d vendor MG_HEDGE
cvs update -r b_code_cleanup -j doxygen_1-3-4 -d vendor MG_HEDGE
cvs co -j b_code_cleanup -j HEAD MG_HEDGE/vendor/doxygen

as well as some other tries.  But nothing I do has worked?  Either the
entire vendor directory is removed with the exception of the doxygen
branch or the directory is created but in the wrong location or it looks
like it worked and I did a commit but then when I release the
b_code_cleanup and check it out again the doxygen files are still missing?

What am I doing wrong?


Derek Robert Price <address@hidden>
10/30/2003 09:10 AM

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        Subject:        Re: Help merging vendor branch:

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address@hidden wrote:

|Hi Derek:
|I am sorry, I am still a bit new to CVS.  I don't know what val-tags are?

(search for val-tags)



|Also, where am I executing the cvs up ... form?  Is this in the working
|directory of the branch   That is cvs -r co -r <branch> <module>?


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