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Re: Changing CVS repository name

From: Lars Thuring
Subject: Re: Changing CVS repository name
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:06:38 +0100
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Hi Derek,

address@hidden wrote:
Did you chmod g+wrx /data or chmod -R g+wrx /data?  What error messages
were you seeing?

Being in /data I typed

        chmod -R 775 cvsrep

or being in / using

        chmod -R 775 /data/cvsrep

- one of these I am no 100% sure now. I *am* sure we used a numerical argument for the rights. If change the cvs-user in /data/cvsrep/CVSROOT/passwd to cvsun (for my user now) he gets an

        setgid failed: Operation not permitted

Verifying in /etc/group I see that "cvsun" is a member of the "cvs" group.

Changing back in /data/cvsrep/CVSROOT/passwd to cvsun to "cvs" it works again.

| Is there an example on how to do this somewhere online? We could also
live with using several repositories on the same server, but this
doesn't seem possible as there is only one /etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver file
on the server stating where the repository lies, right? The texts on
multiple repositories we have found all talk about checking out from
different server to the same directories on the client which is not what
we want.

You could set them up as different --allow-root options to your cvs
server executable in /etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver

Brilliant! :-) A quick check seems to indicate that it works exactly as we want. I never thought of using several --allow-root arguments in the cvspserver file. That makes admin of the stuff easy too. Thanks!

Another idea; we tried this quickly before doing the above. Should it not be possible to assoaciate different cvspserver files with different port numbers? So to have the cvs server to look on port 2401, 2402 and so on for different users? It doesn't matter now when the above works, but just out of curiosity.

best regards,


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