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Re: Help merging vendor branch:

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Help merging vendor branch:
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 08:36:07 -0800

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Hi Dan,

If the previous version of the vendor branch you merged was tagged as
doxygen_1-3-3 and b_code_cleanup is a branch, then the following might
be useful:

    cvs co -r b_code_cleanup -d b_code_cleanup MG_HEDGE
    cd b_code_cleanup

  If you want a nice tag to use to remember the changes needed to merge
  to the latest doxygen_1-3-4 release, you could put a tag down at this

    cvs tag pre-merge-doxygen_1-3-4

  Now do the merge between the two releases of doxygen

    cvs up -jdoxygen_1-3-3 -jdoxygen_1-3-4
    ...resolve conflicts...
    cvs commit

  would merge the changes that occured between the tag doxygen_1-3-3
  and doxygen_1-3-4 into your current directory.

  You could now put a nice tag to remember just this set of merges
    cvs tag post-merge-doxygen_1-3-4

  If you needed to do this same merge into another branch, you could
  now use something like:

    cvs co -r some-other-branch -d other-branch MG_HEDGE
    cd other-branch
    cvs up -jpre-merge-doxygen_1-3-4 -jpost-merge-doxygen_1-3-4

If you didn't have such a doxygen_1-3-3 tag, then you might need to use
the vendor tag from the import (say for example you called it

    cvs co -r b_code_cleanup -d b_code_cleanup MG_HEDGE
    cd b_code_cleanup
    cvs up -jyesterday:doxygen_vendor -jdoxygen_1-3-4

where yesterday could be a date specification if necessary.

If all else fails,

   diff -rc2 doxygen-1.3.3 doxygen-1.3.4 > $HOME/diffs
   cvs co -r b_code_cleanup -d b_code_cleanup MG_HEDGE
   cd b_code_cleanup/...whatever-directory-is-the-base-of-the-doxygen...
   patch -p1 < $HOME/diffs

        Good luck,
        -- Mark

address@hidden writes:

> Okay...I am now officially lost.  ( and thoroughly confused! )  I have
> read all the CVS manual and I have been screwing around with this for
> several hours and I still can't get this to work.  I guess I really don't
> understand how merging works.  Anyway, back to what I am trying to do.
> Here is what I am doing, that is not working:
> First I checkout the branch that I am working on:
>         cvs -r co -r b_code_cleanup -d b_code_cleanup MG_HEDGE
> Now I want to merge the vendor branch Doxygen, tag doxygen_1-3-4 to the
> b_code_cleanup branch.
> So I do cd to the b_code_cleanup directory and try the following:
> cvs update -r doxygen_1-3-4 -d vendor MG_HEDGE
> cvs update -r b_code_cleanup -j doxygen_1-3-4 -d vendor MG_HEDGE
> cvs co -j b_code_cleanup -j HEAD MG_HEDGE/vendor/doxygen
> as well as some other tries.  But nothing I do has worked?  Either the
> entire vendor directory is removed with the exception of the doxygen
> branch or the directory is created but in the wrong location or it looks
> like it worked and I did a commit but then when I release the
> b_code_cleanup and check it out again the doxygen files are still missing?
> What am I doing wrong?
> Thanks
> Dan
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