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cvs win32 version saves time in local-time format

From: Jordi Castells
Subject: cvs win32 version saves time in local-time format
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 21:01:20 +0100

I found that cvs for windows platforms save in the entries file the time
of files under control using local time instead of gmt time

i check the same under linux and the time into entries file is saved in
gmt format

the problem occurs twice a year (when hour changes from summer to winter
and viceversa), my working directory is located into a nt server so the
files are saved with gmt time, when the hour is changed all files apear
as locally modified and a manually status is needed to adjust again the
time into entries files

is there any solution to this, it is posible to enable some option to
allow using gmt time instead local time into entries file


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