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Re: Remove CVS

From: Claus Gårde Henriksen
Subject: Re: Remove CVS
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2004 13:38:47 +0100

"David Rasmussen" <address@hidden> skrev i en meddelelse
> I want to have easy access to my repository from everywhere. I know that
>   the easy answer is a pserver, but I am not allowed to run a pserver on
> the machine that I can access from everywhere.
> Is my only option to check out my stuff, tar the checked out directory,
> move the tar file to the local machine I happen to be at, edit, tar,
> copy back to the cvs machine, untar and then commit? I hope there is an
> easier way.
> The machine in question is running a very strict firewall that only
> allows ssh, nothing else.

Hi David,

ssh is enough. Just set the env vars


before running CVS.


Best regards,

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