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Re: John Cavanaugh's branch locking patch updated for CVS 1.12.5

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: John Cavanaugh's branch locking patch updated for CVS 1.12.5
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 2004 12:34:48 -0800

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Claus Henriksen <address@hidden> writes:

> for those interested I have updated John Cavanaugh's CVS patch and
> perlscripts that provides a branch-protection mechanishm, so that it
> is compatible with CVS 1.12.5 .
> Here it is 
> It works ok as far as I have tested. Any comments are welcome.

Hint. The use of context or a unified diff would probably be 'better' for in case
folks are running other custom-patches in their cvs sources. Also, most
folks would rather see a forward patch rather than a reverse patch.

      diff -c2p commit.1.12.5.c commit.c
      diff -up commit.1.12.5.c commit.c

might generate a more portable patch for your audience.

That said, be advised that the use of sprintf() could open you up to a
buffer overrun if the argument is close to PATH_MAX in length. I suggest
you may wish to use snprintf and pass in the size of argBuf. Or, failing
that, do the length check yourself

    snprintf(argBuf, sizeof argBuf,
             "%s:%s:%s:%s", p->key, type_stat, tag_stat, li->rev_old);      

you should also compare the return value from snprintf() to ensure that
it has everything you needed or malloc the argBuf and try again...

As you have said, this patch is not a candidate for future versions of
cvs, but I am sure there are a number of folks who will take advantage
of your work, so do try to be a bit more paranoid.

        -- Mark

Note: for our listening public it is possible to write a commitinfo
trigger with the stock cvs which performs the tag checking of each file
- From inside the commitinfo script using 'cvs -n status' on the list of
files (or even by reading the CVS/Entries file if you like to live
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