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CVS: replace from head error

From: Deepak Sable
Subject: CVS: replace from head error
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 14:15:07 +0530

Hi ,

I am using Eclipse 3.0 and from Eclipse I am accessing CVS.But when i try to 
from head ,I get an error as below.

I/O has been interrupted.
  The most likely cause of the interrupt is either an intermittent network 
failure or a communications timeout.
  The CVS communications timeout can be adjusted in the Team/CVS preferences.
  Another possible cause is the improper configuration of the "ext" connection 
  The "ext" connection method can be configured on the Team/CVS/EXT Connection 
Method preference page

Also wanted to know what does,
 Synchronize with repository
 replace do?

Thanks in advance

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