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Re: enforcing comments when checking in

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: enforcing comments when checking in
Date: Tue, 06 Jan 2004 09:50:30 -0800

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Purushotham Komaravolu <address@hidden> writes:

> It is working for from wincvs and command line, but not from IDE(Eclipse).
> So I think its an IDE problem.

You may wish to report a bug to the eclipse maintiners.

> > Note: cvs 1.11.2 is old and has a few security bugs. cvs 1.11.11 is the
> > latest version.
> > 
> Will update it ASAP.

This is a good idea. It is too bad that Redhat does not have a bugfix
available. If you are a supported customer, you may wish to consider
opening a bug with them.

> > > Its not showing me a prefilled telmplate when I am trying to checkin the
> > > file.
> > >
> > > /////////////////////////
> > > rcsinfo file
> > > DEFAULT /data/cvs/repository/CVSROOT/templates/qmdc.template
> > 
> > If you do a fresh checkout of any module in an empty directory, do you
> > see a CVS/Template file? What happens if you install the .src.rpm file
> > and cd /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/cvs-1.11.2/src and run
> > 
> >     sh ./ -r /usr/bin/cvs info
> I do see a CVS/Template file. I have no priviledges to install rpm's
> so will not be able to install src rpm, but i have requested for
> permissions.

It is possible to have private installs of rpm files by creating a
~/.rpmmacros file and your own rpmbuild directory. You do it something
like this:

  cd $HOME
  echo "%_topdir $HOME/rpmbuild" >$HOME/.rpmmacros
  mkdir rpmbuild
  cd rpmbuild
  cd $HOME
  tar -jxvf $HOME/rpmbuild/SOURCES/cvs-1.11.11.tar.bz2 cvs-1.11.11/cvs.spec
  rpmbuild -ba cvs-1.11.11/cvs.spec

The above steps should give you the files:


you could then have your system administrator consider installing those
files for you, but in the mean time you could copy the
$HOME/rpmbuild/BUILD/cvs-1.11.11/src/cvs file into a directory in your
path and try using it via an :ext: connection (the :pserver: connection
needs to have the xinetd.conf file reference the version of cvs you want
as a server).

If you need/want to look at what Redhat distributed, you could do
something like this:

  rpm -ivh /mnt/cdrom/SRPMS/cvs-1.11.2-10.src.rpm
  rpmbuild -bp $HOME/rpmbuild/SPECS/cvs.spec

to create a $HOME/rpmbuild/BUILD/cvs-1.11.2 directory that is fully
patched with the sources from the redhat distribution.

If you wanted to run the sanity script that comes with the original cvs
distribution against the cvs on your machine, you might do the following
step in addition to the above:

  sh $HOME/rpmbuild/BUILD/cvs-1.11.2/src/ /usr/bin/cvs

(the .bs file is the backup which actually works instead of the crippled
version that just does an 'exit 0').

        Good luck,
        -- Mark
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