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How to echo log message if commitinfo rejects commit

From: Bil Kleb
Subject: How to echo log message if commitinfo rejects commit
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2004 09:44:48 -0500
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We just started using commitinfo to enforce rudimentary coding standards.
So far, we appreciate the gentle reminders from the script it invokes.

But we have discovered one minor annoyance: When the proposed commit is
rejected, the log message is lost -- unless the committer remembered to
save a copy of their log entry beforehand.

After an hour of googling and reading the CVS manual, I am still not sure
how I can gain access to the log message so that I can echo it's contents
to standard output, allowing the user an opportunity to cut and paste the
log message into their next commit attempt -- if they did not remember to
save the original.

It is not clear that verifymsg, which sends the location of the temporary
log entry file as an argument to the script it calls, can be used since
the order of commitinfo and verifymsg calls changes depending on remote
or local CVS access?

Any pointers appreciated,
Bil, NASA, Hampton, Virginia, USA

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