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Error Updating file from the server

From: Gagneet Singh
Subject: Error Updating file from the server
Date: Fri, 9 Jan 2004 10:53:48 +0530

When updating a lex generated file from my CVS repository, I am getting
the following error:
cvs update -P -r 1.12 lex.yy.c (in directory D:\My

cvs [server aborted]: invalid change text in

***** CVS exited normally with code 1 *****

This problem occurs when I try to checkout a revision 1.12 or older. The
current revision is 1.63 and I can check out all the revisions till the
1.13 revision. 
Although I am using the WinCVS GUI, even when I try via the command line
on the cvs server, the same problem is encountered.

Could someone tell me what is the problem and if it can be solved in any

I have admin access to the CVS server. The configuration is as follows:

Server: cvs 1.11.2 (client/server) on a Red Hat 9.0 distribution.

Client WinCVS: 1.3b13-2

Thank you,


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