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Re: Losing Resource info of Mac files...

From: Sarah Gonzales
Subject: Re: Losing Resource info of Mac files...
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:21:31 -0600

On Tuesday, January 13, 2004, at 10:33  PM, Gurpreet Singh (SCM) wrote:

Hi All

Well in some of the Mac client (using CVS client 3.2 b8 / b14), it was
observed that the files which we did a clean get had lost its resource
When we did the get / update again, it went fine ...  strange but it

Any idea ?

Are you using a Mac CVS client for OS9 or OSX? The resource info has always been problematic cross platform since the Mac OS is the only OS that supports it - if you have cross platform users checking out the files and checking them back in, some cases, this info gets munged.

This issue could also occur if one Mac user has a different application set to open these files than another - example - one Mac user has .txt files set to open with BBedit versus another user who uses Text Edit to open the same files. It is very dependent on the application and in some cases, the preferences of the application as to whether the resource info is saved along with the file.

Mac OSX is a more intelligent about how this information is handled. The order in which Mac OSX decides what application the file belongs to is below.

1. Mac OSX first looks to see if there is a creator / type associated with the file
2. OSX then looks at the file extension associated with the file
3. then forces the user to choose an application to open a file

#2 in OS9 is controlled by the Control Panels => File Exchange information on the machine in question. OS9 gets pretty confused if the #1 does not exist, even if the file extension is present. This typically forces the user to open the application first and then the file from within, versus your standard double click to open.

hope this helps.

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