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Control tagging of labels Test, QA and Production?

From: Rhodes, Phillip C.
Subject: Control tagging of labels Test, QA and Production?
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 2004 10:49:32 -0500

I am setting up CVS for our development team and wanted to get confirmation on 
my approach.  I am trying to fit cvs into our existing business processes...

There are "developer" and there are "qa" roles.   The developer tags their code 
and submits a request to the qa person to promote their code to qa or to 

please promote tag "01-35-2004_xyz" to QA 
please promote tag "01-35-2004_xyz" to Prod

Only the QA person can write the "QA"  or "Prod" tag onto a revision of code.  
Developers can write a "Test" tag onto any revision of code.  Doing so will get 
their code into the automated "Test" build process.

Because I need to limit who can write the tags of "QA" and "Prod", I think I 
need to setup multiple respositories.  There will be a "Test" repository in 
which all developers are writers.  There will also be a "QA/Prod" repository in 
which developers have only write access to.  I would do a CVS export/import 
from the "Test" repository to the "QA/Prod" repository.

One problem as I see it is how the code will get from QA to production?  If the 
developer can not write tags in the "QA/Prod" repository, the developer must 
apply all tags in the Test respository.  How can I, as a "QA" person be assured 
that the developer is applying tags to code that is in QA.

What I am trying to prevent is code that gets from Test into Prod, without 
going into QA first.

I appreciate any thoughts on the above.

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