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Setting up CVS server on Linux

From: Yanglong Zhu
Subject: Setting up CVS server on Linux
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 23:25:36 -0600
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Hi there,

I posted the problem earlier when I was terribly confused. I now try to present it more clearly.

I am trying to set up a CVS pserver on a Linux box. But I can only login and checkout from the local box, cannot checkout from a remote box although I can login from a remote box. From nowhere can I commit into the repository. I tried both Fedora Core 1, and RedHat 8.0. They behave the same way.

When issue commit command, I get
cvs commit: Examine seq
Fatal error, aborting.
cvs: no such user

What could be the problem? My guess is the pserver somehow cannot read/process the passwd file properly. Yet I can login, even checkout.

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