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Re: weird cvs update error

From: Anthony Ettinger
Subject: Re: weird cvs update error
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:49:01 -0800 (PST)

I found the problem. I had created a symlink to a
directory not in the repository awhile back.

Removed that and no error message :-)

--- "Paul Gelderblom (ptok)" <address@hidden>
> > I checked it out in my own directory as
> 'ettinger'.
> >
> > CVS/Root has /usr/local/shared/cvs in it. The
> > subdirectory kp2 is owned by mark, but this is the
> > repository, as far as i know.
> >
> Oh, you are working in local mode (in contrast with
> client/server) .
> It's kind of odd that it asks you to login then. Are
> you sure
> kp2/CVS/Root also contains a local root (i.e. no
> :xxx:address@hidden/repository)?
> I remember I always had permission problems with
> local mode and multiple
> users. It can be done though: see chapter 2.2.2 of
> the Cederqvuist.
> My preference is client/server, with the whole
> repository
> (maybe apart from CVSROOT) is owned by one unix
> user.
> Then the permission problems are gone as long as
> everyone
> just touches his or her own sandbox.
> Paul Gelderblom.

Anthony Ettinger
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