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Help and info on line endings

From: Les Spam
Subject: Help and info on line endings
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 10:58:40 -0500
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We have been having trouble with line endings because we check out files on a Linux server and zip them up for download by users who do not have CVS clients. Win9x users end up with line oriented text files that do not parse because the scanner sees one long line.

However, we discovered that if we run unix2dos on these files then they have DOS line endings when they are checked out and unzipped. Looking inside the CVS files, we see they have *DOS* line endings for the relevant lines and Unix line endings for the rest. There is a reference to "canonical form" in the CVS docs for the -kb flag, from which we infer that the CVS files are supposed to have only Unix line endings. Can anyone explain how/why it is that the DOS line endings are being preserved in these CVS text files?

We are not that happy with this unix2dos solution because: 1) it can screw up parsing the files on Unix or Macs, 2) people forget to convert the files, and 3) it doesn't work for everyone, every time (and we haven't figured out why - any ideas?). We could get a consistent result by converting to DOS and checking these files in as binary, but we don't like that approach for reasons 1) and 2). Does anyone have other suggestions?


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