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Handling JPEG and Gif on WinCVS

From: Diego Ribeiro de Andrade
Subject: Handling JPEG and Gif on WinCVS
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 17:48:35 -0200

The problem is: When Delhi and Webdesigners try to add files to the repositories receive a error message on WINCVS. The description of the problem is ...
 I have a question about the option in WinCVS Add Selection. The developer have a Web Site project with HTML Pages and JPGS and Gifs. When I imported the project, CVS (WINCVS) show me a list of extensions and askme the action for each file. It worked well. But when He created a new folder with Images and HTML pges, used the AddSelection option. A Screen appears saing that some problems exists, Cancel or Ignore. I Sad to him to push igore, and let CVS Handle the extensions... But CVS (WinCVS ) import the file without -kb option... And the Imagens come corrupted in the next Checkout.
To solve this I edited CVSWRAPPERS and set *.jpeg and *.gif to -k 'b'. But WINCVS still show the error message. I push ignore and the images go with no problem anymore. I have now to find a way to WINCVS dont show the error message... someone can tell me how??
The Delphi developers are receiving the Same message and decided to abort the CVSUse. I see it because Delphi take some binary files in the project. I can set the type of the files in CVS WRAPPERS, But The message will still being showed.
Thanks for the help and pacience.
Diego Andrade

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