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Re: CVS on Samba

From: Steve deRosier
Subject: Re: CVS on Samba
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 14:33:06 -0800
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Putting the repository itself on a networked drive (Samba or NFS or others) is generally not recommended. Aparently there is a possiblity with data loss. If you're running a server anyway, I'd just run CVS from the same server and do the checkouts and such via the client-server style of using CVS via SSH or RSH (or pserver, but you didn't hear ME sugest that ;) ).

We have a development server here that hosts both home directories mapped via Samba (for those silly people here still using Windows), and runs the CVS server. Most people here actually keep their workspaces on the Samba'd home mount and use a local client to do checkouts from the CVS server. So, the files in the workspace end up on the same machine as the CVS repository, but we always use client-server to make it happen. Even when I work directly logged into the server via ssh, I use pserver to do my checkouts; This lets me use CVS the exact same way both locally and from my workstation via Samba.

This seems to work well for us.

- Steve

George Abraham wrote:

Has anyone tried creating a repository on a Samba mounted drive?. Please share your experiences, and points to be kept in mind while doing the same.

George Abraham


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