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Re: Difficulty connecting to CVS repos from winCVS

From: Yanglong Zhu
Subject: Re: Difficulty connecting to CVS repos from winCVS
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2004 22:20:55 -0600
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Yanglong Zhu wrote:

Jim.Hyslop wrote:

Yanglong Zhu [mailto:address@hidden wrote:
Jim.Hyslop wrote:

Yanglong Zhu [mailto:address@hidden wrote:

WinCVS newbie here. I can login to the CVS repository from
Linux terminal fine. But cannot figure out a way to connect
to CVS repos from winCVS 1.3.13 or 1.3.14 on a XP box.

Can you use the CVS command line client successfully on the XP box?

No. The behaviour is the same whether using command line or the GUI.

OK, that narrows things down - it means the problem is most likely in your
local configuration.

Is the
Linux terminal also using pserver, or is it using another method?


Er, yes it's using pserver, or yes it's using another method?

Can you provide more details about your Linux connection - the one that
Yes. But it is not straight forward.
The problems described up to now are derived from (I think) the fact that I ssh from Linux A to Linux B, then cvs from B to A. Now when I use a Linux C to examine the situation, I found that I could login to CVS server on Linux A from Linux B (without using ssh) and C (without using ssh), but cannot checkout from, nor import anything to Linux A. Therefore, I think it is the CVS server settings problem. What I did previously (import, checkout on a Linux box) probably amounts to execute the commands from/on the same box where CVS server is. I guess that make a huge difference.

Does it make any sense to you? I know it's confusing. Sorry. And thank you for your help.

Well, now I figured out the culprit of the problem I experienced. It is an undocumented CVS odd behavior caused the problems.

[retaining the rest of the message for the mail list's benefit]

When I supposedly supply everything correctly to winCVS, I will get
cvs -d :pserver:address@hidden:/path/to/CVSrootDir login Logging in to

cvs [login aborted]: cvs: no such user
Fatal error, aborting.

Double-check that the CVSROOT environment variable on your

Linux terminal
matches the one on the XP box. In particular, make sure the

case of the user
name is the same - if it's YangLong on the Linux box, then

you'll get the

I checked the environmental variables many times, including username. All (including cases) are the same as far as I know. Obviously, what I'm wondering about is that something (an env variable) somewhere in winCVS I don't know. Yet I cannot find.

Again I did have connection one time before, even checked out a module successfully. Since I have problems, I uninstalled, and reinstalled WinCVS. Still, I have no luck of success. I'm quite puzzled.

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