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RE: CVS pserver login problem

From: Peter Connolly
Subject: RE: CVS pserver login problem
Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 17:44:53 -0800

Check this out:

>-- Original Message --
>Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2004 16:05:03 -0500
>From: "Adam Vainder" <address@hidden>
>To: address@hidden
>Subject: CVS pserver login problem
>I hope this is the right place to send this. If not, please let me know

>where to send/post it.
>I've been trying to figure this out on my own for about a month, and just
>cant take it anymore. Hopefully one of you has seen this before and knows
>the answer.
>I set up a pserver on a Red Hat 9 machine with CVS installed. From that

>machine, i have no problem using the pserver info to access the cvs server.
>But from a remote machine, I only get an "end of file" message if i try
>log in. It happens whether password is correct or not. Any ideas what might
>be causing this?
>The following is info about related files and the error message, let me
>if you need more (and please be as specific as possible, especially  with
>typical locations of files) :
>from /etc/services :
>cvspserver      2401/tcp                        # CVS client/server
>cvspserver      2401/udp                        # CVS client/server
>from /etc/xinetd.conf :
>        instances               = 60
>        log_type                = SYSLOG authpriv
>        log_on_success          = HOST PID
>        log_on_failure          = HOST
>        cps                     = 25 30
>includedir /etc/xinetd.d
>from /etc/xinetd.d/cvspserver :
>service cvspserver
>        socket_type     = stream
>        protocol        = tcp
>        wait            = no
>        user            = root
>        passenv         =
>        server          = /usr/bin/cvs
>        server_args     = --allow-root=/var/cvs/cvsstuff pserver
>Error message from my remote machine (happens whether password is correct
>[login and machine name taken out]
>C:\>cvs -d :pserver:<login>@<comp address>:/var/cvs/cvsstuff login
>Logging in to :pserver:<login>@<comp address>:2401/var/cvs/cvsstuff
>CVS password:
>cvs [login aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if
>cvs repo is in /var/cvs/cvsstuff
>password file is in /var/cvs/cvsstuff/CVSROOT
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