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RE: Versioning between checkout|update, commit

From: Andy Jones
Subject: RE: Versioning between checkout|update, commit
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 16:04:46 +0100

>> Some shops also implement a handoff mechanism that divorces the notion
>> of "latest committed" from "candidate for integration".  That allows
>> the developers to commit with impunity without fear that the world
>> would see something inappropriately.
>Yes, some places seem to do this with different branches...

You don't *have* to use branches.

Here we tag each release.  We also tag the *next* release, and this tag gets 
moved and updated as part of the testing process.

The developers are free to commit code at any time they like, knowing that it 
will only appear in the test environment once the release tag has been moved to 
that version.

The only time they would need to make a branch would be if they were developing 
something that clashed with other development work.  However this is handled, 
it will still need a merge at some point - the problem is not CVS, but the work 

Andy Jones
Tapestry Software. 

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