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Re: needs help on cvs commit with no -m

From: Derek Robert Price
Subject: Re: needs help on cvs commit with no -m
Date: Thu, 01 Apr 2004 13:29:42 -0500
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If you want to avoid forking your version of CVS, a line like the
following in your CVSROOT/rcsinfo file should achieve the same effect:


Where blankline is a file with only the single "\n" in it which you have
committed to CVSROOT and added to CVSROOT/checkoutlist.

At one time you would have had to have everyone release their workspaces
and check them out again, but I believe Mark Baushke fixed that c.
1.12.1.  Now your users should just need to run a single update in their
workspaces to acquire the new log templates.

Please read the manual sections on rcsinfo and checkoutlist before you
ask any further questions about these files.


Courier wrote:

>Problem solved. In src/logmsg.c line 269 I add \n before "%s-----\n"
>seem to fix the problem.
>Sorry for anoyning.
>My earlier email:
>"Hello All,
>Please be easy on me on this topic. This is not me. I have two users that
>are not committing file(s) with no "-m". So what cvs does is, bring up
>there editor for commenting. Now here is what these two are comlaining
>about: the older cvs version than cvs.1.12.6 "Concurrent Versions System
>(CVS) 1.12.6 (client/server)" when they do cvs commit with no "-m" then it
>bring up editor with first line is empty to type in. Now the newer version
>cvs.1.12.6 is not.
>Meaning they have to either open new line on vi or press enter on emacs.
>So that is what I ask them to do, Or I will bring the hammer to their PC
>some day.
>Anyway, I modify cvs to do like the old one? if I can what file is the
>right file to do that?
>Thank you for your help.
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