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Bug Tracking integration with CVS

From: Louis Avrami
Subject: Bug Tracking integration with CVS
Date: Tue, 6 Apr 2004 10:53:43 -0700

Hello all,

On a project that I am currently working on we have a need to
implement a bug-tracking system.  We would like to integrate
this bug-trakcing system with our CVS repository, primarily to
associate what source code changes
were made to fix a particular bug.

Can anyone out there suggest the best way to accomplish this?

>From what I ahve read, one way to do this would be to integrate
Bugzilla and CVS.  If we were to use Bugzilla for bug tracking,
it appears that there are two methods that we can use to associate
bugs with code changes, according to the Bugzilla FAQ (see below).
 If anyone has any experience with either of these and can share
anything, please let me know.

If anyone has used a different tool and/or technique that might
be useful, we would be interested in that also.  I've started
looking on for any tools, but haven't come across
anything yet.

Lou Avrami ( address@hidden )

4.6.2. CVS

   CVS integration is best accomplished, at this point, using
the Bugzilla Email Gateway.

   Follow the instructions in this Guide for enabling Bugzilla
e-mail integration. Ensure that your check-in script sends an
email to your Bugzilla e-mail gateway with the subject of "[Bug
XXXX]", and you can have CVS check-in comments append to your
Bugzilla bug. If you want to have the bug be closed automatically,
you'll have to modify the contrib/ script.

   There is also a CVSZilla project, based upon somewhat dated
Bugzilla code, to integrate CVS and Bugzilla through CVS' ability
to email.  Check it out at:


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