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Question on repository file permissions

From: Fouts Christopher (6452)
Subject: Question on repository file permissions
Date: Thu, 8 Apr 2004 12:03:04 -0400

I have a "sample" project with r-s permissions for g and o.
I have dir1/file1 directory/file in the project, which user
cvsadmin in the cvs group, created. so now file1 has
r--r--r-- permissions. 

I have a separate lock direcotry, called /cvsroot/lockDir
with rwxrwsrwx permissions.

Now user1 in group user checks out sample and modifies
file1. When user1 checks in file1, it gets
"Could not open file /cvsroot/sample/dir1/file1, permission denied."

I fixed it by chmod -R o+w /cvsroot/sample. I thought the idea
behind the LockDir was for me (cvs admin) NOT to have to do this?

Chris T Fouts

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