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Re: Question on repository file permissions

From: Mark D. Baushke
Subject: Re: Question on repository file permissions
Date: Thu, 08 Apr 2004 09:42:51 -0700

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Fouts Christopher (6452) <address@hidden> writes:

> I have a "sample" project with r-s permissions for g and o.
> I have dir1/file1 directory/file in the project, which user
> cvsadmin in the cvs group, created. so now file1 has
> r--r--r-- permissions. 
> I have a separate lock direcotry, called /cvsroot/lockDir
> with rwxrwsrwx permissions.
> Now user1 in group user checks out sample and modifies
> file1. When user1 checks in file1, it gets
> "Could not open file /cvsroot/sample/dir1/file1, permission denied."
> I fixed it by chmod -R o+w /cvsroot/sample. I thought the idea
> behind the LockDir was for me (cvs admin) NOT to have to do this?

The idea behind LockDir is to allow folks to do read-only checkouts of
files that they may not normally be allowed to commit as well as to
allow for performance improvements of a very fast in-memory filesystem
for the LockDir.

There are multiple reasons that a LockDir might be desirable including
that this may be a read-only mirror of the main cvs repository that is
being updated via CVSup or some other similar mechanism or that the
filesystem is very slow for writes and an in-memory filesystem is
available to deal with cvs locks.

If you want a given user to be able to commit, you still need for the
directories to have appropriate permissions as the new ,foo, file must
still be created within the repository and then renamed as foo,v for
each commit or tag operation.


        -- Mark
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