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RE: Can you cvs diff by committer and date?

From: Aditya Gandhi
Subject: RE: Can you cvs diff by committer and date?
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 10:38:42 +0530

I am not sure whether cvs diff can take user as input but definitely
supports query by dates...
Here is an example
$ cvs diff -D "1 hour ago" cvs.texinfo

Other date formats supported are...
                          1 month ago
                    2 hours ago
                    400000 seconds ago
                    last year
                    last Monday
                    a fortnight ago
                    3/31/92 10:00:07 PST
                    January 23, 1987 10:05pm
                    22:00 GMT etc...


- Aditya Gandhi
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  Subject: Can you cvs diff by committer and date?
  Someone just asked me if there was a way to do a cvs diff for a
  particular date of all the changes made by a particular user.
  It seemed a reasonable question in context (which was two developers
  committing a raft of independent changes each, over the same day).
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