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Branch to trunk merge error - help pls!

From: Fouts Christopher (6452)
Subject: Branch to trunk merge error - help pls!
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 15:32:17 -0400

I thought this would be straight forward but for some reason I'm getting an
error when I try to merge my branch files to the trunk. I've done this 1000+

I submitted all the changes to my branch, say b_dev; I renamed my branch
sandbox dir
from, say, proj to proj.b_dev

I checked out the latest file of the trunk in my sandbox, so now I have the
proj dir. structure
that represents the HEAD of the trunk.

I now do a "cvs -nq update -j HEAD -j b_dev proj" (-nq just to see if it
works) and I get

cvs server: file1.cpp: No such file or directory

BUT IT IS!!! It is in the repository, it is in my sandbox, IT EXISTS! What's
the deal???

Chris T Fouts
Infineon Technologies Corp
3000 CentreGreen Way
Cary, NC 27513
Phone: (919)677-3016
Fax: (919)678-1929
Email: address@hidden

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