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Re: cvs release needs to connect 3 times to the server

From: MKlinke
Subject: Re: cvs release needs to connect 3 times to the server
Date: Sun, 18 Apr 2004 19:29:23 -0500
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On Sunday 18 April 2004 11:08, Spiro Trikaliotis wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm using cvs 1.11.1 (debian/stable) on the server, and cvs 1.11.1
> (Debian/stable) and cvs 1.11.6 (cygwin) on the client side.  I use
> access method ssh to access my remote repository.
> Whenever I do a "cvs release", the client connects three times to
> the server, so I have to enter my passphrase (or the password if I
> don't use public key authentication) 3 times. This tends to get
> annoying. ;-)
> Is this a bug, a feature, or is there anything I can do about it?
> Do newer CVS version behave the same, or is it all because the
> versions are "a bit" outdated?
> Best regards,
>    Spiro.

Take a look at "ssh-agent".  Once you key in your 
passphrase one time, the "ssh-agent" utility will handle any further 
requests for your passphrase during that login session. 

I don't use it, but on the cygwin side, I assume that there's some 
equivalent mechanism within the SSH feature set you're using.

Regards,  Mike Klinke

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