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RE: RCS commit template

From: Fouts Christopher (6452)
Subject: RE: RCS commit template
Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 09:14:47 -0400

Thanks Derek, that was it! I had to check out a new copy! I have an
old CVS version and it takes an act of God to upgrade it.


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Geoff Beier wrote:

> On Apr 19, 2004, at 7:06 PM, Fouts Christopher (6452) wrote:
>> I followed the intructions in these pages, along with reading the 
>> manual to set up a commit template. However, I don't get my template 
>> when I do a commit. I have the permissions set up correctly too. What 
>> gives?
>> <>
> Hmm... not much to go on with your question here. A wild guess:
> Did you make your changes to a checked out copy of CVSROOT. e.g. % cvs 
> -d/path/to/repository co CVSROOT % cd CVSROOT
> ... create rcstemplate ...
> ... add DEFAULT line to rcsinfo ...
> ... add rcstemplate + error message to CVSROOT/checkoutlist ...
> % cvs add rcstemplate
> % cvs ci -m "some comment"
> and then see the message "cvs commit: Rebuilding administrative file 
> database"?

Also, until pretty recent releases of the feature (1.12.x) CVS, rcsinfo
template changes don't show up in previously checked out copies of projects.
You need to actually release your workspace and check out another to see the
new template.


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