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Managing multiple branchs

From: Barry Svee
Subject: Managing multiple branchs
Date: 20 Apr 2004 12:49:53 -0700

Does anyone have a strategy for managing a production support branch
in CVS along with one or more enhancement branches? Specifically, we
want to have a branch for production support but we also have one or
more projects on independent branches adding on new features under
different timelines.

Managing the merging of the project branches to trunk isn't an issue,
but we are trying to figure out how to handle the production support
branch. If we didn't have the project branches, then we would just
keep working on the support branches and merge them after QA testing.
But with the project branches, the support branch will eventually get
out of synch with trunk. So, after all support issues have been fixed,
it would be nice to tag trunk and then have the support branch reflect
that tag as its new starting point. Not sure if this makes any sense
to you, but we just want a way to have the support branch get caught
up with the changes made by the project branches.

Perhaps it would make sense to have all project branches merge through
the support branch before going to trunk. But bug fixes can have
timelines of their own and this approach may not be desireable.

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