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Merging from main to branch.

From: Carter Thompson
Subject: Merging from main to branch.
Date: Wed, 21 Apr 2004 15:08:13 -0700

Hi all,

I've got a pretty simple question and I think I'm close to the
answer but I'm missing something.   I need to merge some code
I have on the mainline to a project branch.  That would be
easy using something like:

cvs update -j rev1 -j rev2 filename

But I need to move a large number of files into the branch and
using the previous command for every file would be prohibitive.

Using tags would be much easier, however I'm just not getting
what I need when playing around in my own sandbox.  If I tag
the directory "install" in the main line "merge-from" and I 
tag the branch "merge-to" shouldn't I be able to do something 
like this:

cvs co -r project-branch module
cvs update -j merge-from -j merge-to 

Shouldn't I end up with the install dir from the mainline in
the project branch?   Did I miss a step?

Thanks for any assistance.


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