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Re: CVS and NFS

From: Andy Jones
Subject: Re: CVS and NFS
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 08:36:50 +0100

>>It rather sounds like you are saying that CVS confused NFS, rather
>than vice versa...
>No.  I am attempting to say the exact opposite.  I am also suggesting
>that you were mistaken about needing to restart pserver.  [...]

::shrug::  All I can say for sure is,  I shut down NFS and it still didn't 
work; then I restarted pserver and it worked.  You're right, there *may* be no 
connection between the action and the result in that last statement.  I suppose 
I'd better just chalk it up to Spontaneous Reality Failure and hope it doesn't 
happen again....

I hope that everyone reading this understands I'm not attempting to apportion 
blame here; just trying to work out if, indeed, I do have a cause/effect link.

Thanks for the various responses.


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