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Prevent PROD tags on code that does not have QA tag?

From: spamsucks
Subject: Prevent PROD tags on code that does not have QA tag?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 12:26:55 -0400 (EDT)

Hi everyone,
I was wondering if anyone is aware of any canned scripts or tools that are 
available that will improve our code migration processes.

We have 3 tags that we use for our builds 1) TEST 2) QA 3)PROD

Any developer can tag code as "TEST", but project managers need to request 
that code gets tagged as QA and/or PROD.

So for example, I may get a request to move tag "BUGZILLA_357" to QA and 

What I am looking for each a way to tag all files that are tagged as 
BUGZILLA_357 as QA, 
but to fail if the tagged version is not tagged as TEST.

In the same manner, when I tag BUGZILLA_301 as "PROD", I need to make sure 
that all the files are tagged as QA.

If I don't do this, their is a chance that files can go from development 
to production without going through the TEST and QA processes.

One last thing!  I get multiple tags at a time for QA and PROD builds.  
For example, I may get BUGZILLA_123, BUGZILLA_124, BUGZILLA_156, ...
Dependent upon what order I do the tagging, I can actually "demote" a 
revision of a file.
For example, example.jsp version 1.23 may have tag BUGZILLA_156
and version 1.24 has BUGZILLA_124.
I need to prevent the case where I am applying a QA or PROD tag to a file 
where the tagging operation would cause the QA or PROD tag to fall upon a 
revision number that is lower than the current pre-tagged state.  Make 

I would very much appreciate a pointers on how to resolve these holes in 
our curent process.
Phillip Rhodes

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