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RE: Prevent PROD tags on code that does not have QA tag?

From: Van Quakebeke, Joseph (Mission Systems)
Subject: RE: Prevent PROD tags on code that does not have QA tag?
Date: Fri, 23 Apr 2004 08:41:52 -0700

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> Sent: Friday, April 23, 2004 10:27 AM
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> Subject: Prevent PROD tags on code that does not have QA tag?
> Hi everyone,
> I was wondering if anyone is aware of any canned scripts or 
> tools that are 
> available that will improve our code migration processes.
> We have 3 tags that we use for our builds 1) TEST 2) QA 3)PROD
> Any developer can tag code as "TEST", but project managers 
> need to request 
> that code gets tagged as QA and/or PROD.
> So for example, I may get a request to move tag 
> "BUGZILLA_357" to QA and 
> "BUGZILLA_301" to PROD
> What I am looking for each a way to tag all files that are 
> tagged as BUGZILLA_357 as QA, 
> but to fail if the tagged version is not tagged as TEST.
> In the same manner, when I tag BUGZILLA_301 as "PROD", I need 
> to make sure 
> that all the files are tagged as QA.
> If I don't do this, their is a chance that files can go from 
> development 
> to production without going through the TEST and QA processes.
> One last thing!  I get multiple tags at a time for QA and 
> PROD builds.  
> For example, I may get BUGZILLA_123, BUGZILLA_124, BUGZILLA_156, ...
> Dependent upon what order I do the tagging, I can actually "demote" a 
> revision of a file.
> For example, example.jsp version 1.23 may have tag BUGZILLA_156
> and version 1.24 has BUGZILLA_124.
> I need to prevent the case where I am applying a QA or PROD 
> tag to a file 
> where the tagging operation would cause the QA or PROD tag to 
> fall upon a 
> revision number that is lower than the current pre-tagged 
> state.  Make 
> sense?
> I would very much appreciate a pointers on how to resolve 
> these holes in 
> our curent process.
> Thanks.
> Phillip Rhodes
Hi Phillip;
        We have a similar situation here and I use the cvs admin -s command 
option to promote files and IMHO it is safer than tags alone.  As far as the 
different revs of the same file, I am not sure how you can resolve that.  I 
have not had the occasion to go back a version with a later build tag.  We 
always just created a new version.


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