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Check out New revisions 'without' a given tag.

From: eric . aksomitis
Subject: Check out New revisions 'without' a given tag.
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 10:39:23 -0600

I'm implementing CVS into an old-fashioned System of:
a) Base Code
b) Staged/Tested Fixes
c) Working/WOrked fixes.

All done with no control in native files.  Rather than running this system
like our Newer Jbuilder/CVS checkouts, we're keeping the same structure.  I
have it checking out and commiting and tagging, which defines a), b) and
half of c).

However I can't check out all Files that match the following :
  --- File contains a revision __after__ a given tag was applied, and
current revision contains no tags, or at least not the above mentioned tag.

These files would make up commited changes that were not yet completely
tested, approved, and ready to ship.

I would like to be able to recursively do this with one cvs command......

Any suggestions, either within a cvs command, or a wrapper which determines
what to check out....

(BTW, I'm not suggesting this is a good idea, but its the best I can do
with the legacy setup we have).


Eric Aksomitis

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