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Re: RE: locking a file exclusively

From: Sandhya
Subject: Re: RE: locking a file exclusively
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:21:20 +0550


Those options are for admins and one has to be in the cvsadmin group so that 
they are able to use 
that command. The lock that I mentioned was exclusive lock which the user would 
use to lock a 
particular file.
Or else if a particular extension can be mentioned as locked that is also more 
than sufficient. I 
mean, if an user checks out a file for edit, other users shud not be able to 
edit that file.

Thanx in advance

> You may also want to look at the admin -l and admin -u commands.. 
> In CVSNT these commands have been deprecated however in regular CVS I
> think they are still supported. 
> They should be able to help you lock and unlock files..
> Regards
> - Aditya Gandhi
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>   Sandhya <address@hidden> writes:
>   > I was just wondering if we could lock a file exclusively so that
>   > others cannot edit that file.
>   All users will have full control over all files in their checked out
>   tree. Even if cvs initially provides read-only permissions to a given
>   file, the users may still change those permissions and modify the
> file.
>   If you mean that you do not want to allow other than a particular user
>   to commit change to it, then that is a different question.
>   You might also be asking about 'cvs edit' and 'cvs watch'
> functionality
>   that provide advisory locks. Those locks are not strict and may be
>   ignored by users.
>   Depending on the nature of the particular file or files that are to be
>   locked, you might write your commitinfo script reject any user attempt
>   to commit changes to that file by anyone other than a particular user
> or
>   set of users you have specified.
>   Failing that, there are various patches that try to implement strict
>   locking on top of cvs floating around out there, a search for "cvs
> edit
>   - -c" might turn up Noel Yap's patches... I have not looked at them in
> a
>   long time... once upon a time there was an rcvs
> project,
>   but I can't seem to find it this evening.
>   If that is not good enough, I would recommend you look around and
>   consider using another system for your source control. One that
> provides
>   reserved strict locking.
>       Good luck,
>       -- Mark
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