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Recover a working copy

From: Robert D. Young
Subject: Recover a working copy
Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 20:15:29 -0700

Is there a way to take a working copy from someone and add it to my own
repository? I was given a working copy from someone's local machine
(complete w/CVS admin files), and I want to somehow add/import the copy to
my own repository so I see the version numbers as they were on the original
repository. I can't go back and get any more info from the original

When I import, the existing CVS revision info is lost (or appears to be,
with everything at When I try to "add" I get "there is a version
in <working copy> already." If I try just a "commit," I get an eventual
timeout since the subdirs don't exist on my repository ("failed to create
lock direcory for <various dir names>").


- Robert

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