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Lock in the Vendor Branch Give me error

From: Diego Ribeiro de Andrade
Subject: Lock in the Vendor Branch Give me error
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 14:41:33 -0300

System: Conectiva Linux 8
Cvs: CVS Server 1.11.5
clients WinCVS 1.2


Im geting a problem, but searching the messages history I dont found nothing
that answer the questions.

Working in a project that has just imported for the repository. After a
checkout I issue the command  "cvs admin -l CVS20030310.xls" and It returns
me a 0 state.

I set the file for edit with cvs edit command, but when I modify the file
and try the commit I receive the error...

"multiple revisions locked by d310352; please specify one"
"cvs server: could not check in CVS20030310.xls"
"cvs server: could not"
"unlock /dtp/adm_dados/planilha_cvs/CVS20030310.xls,v"

And exit with code 1.

Trying to trace the problem I look in the "cvs log" command, that shows
locks in the revisions 1.1 and When I try to unlock it with "cvs
admin -u CVS20030310.xls" I get the same error when on the first commit.

After that I tried to do "cvs admin -u1.1.1.1 CVS20030310.xls". Now There is
only one lock for the 1.1 revision. I do the "cvs commit" and all woks fine,
the file goes to repository with the 1.2 revision.

I actually work with locks only in the lastest revision with the "cvs
admin -l <FILE>". But I encounter this error when I try to lock the vendor
revision, even if a pass the revision in the parameter "cvs admin -l1.1.1.1
<FILE>", it always lock the revisions and 1.1 and generate a error
on the commit.

For my its no dificult to handle with this, but under this server exist 300
users many of them tryng to do locks in WinCVS and encontering the error.
And they dont work so they will not got to solve the problem. The Wincvs
send the command "cvs admin -l <FILE>" and "cvs admin -u <FILE>" with no

So the question is:

 Why CVS locks and 1.1 revision when Im with only one revision on
the working copy? I want to lock the initial revision without lock the 1.1
 So how can I do to avoid my this errors for my users? They are many and
theres few people to answer that phone calls...

 I will replicate this message for Info CVS and CVSGUI mailing lists, if
possible Reply to both lists too...

Thanks for hlps..

Diego Ribeiro de Andrade
Smart Tech Consulting

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