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Re: Recover a working copy

From: Robert D. Young
Subject: Re: Recover a working copy
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2004 22:24:15 -0700

It may be that it doesn't gain me anything. I can examine the code intact in
the sandbox just fine. I'm looking for what else I can see about the code

When I copy the sandbox to my local machine, I can see revision numbers and
tags for the files as they appeared to the person that gave me the sandbox.
I'm trying to see what options I have to generate reports that capture this
information. Of course, I can't run the usual CVS commands, because they
deal with the repository copy or a comparison of the sandbox with the
repository copy (or info stored in admin files in the repository). When I
import the sandbox to get a copy in the repository, it re-sets the tags and
revision numbers.

I figured if I could get the sandbox copied intact somehow to the
repository, I could get CVS to think the current revision numbers are what
the sandbox says they are. Of course, if I never have the ,v's of the
earlier versions I'll never have the ability to ask "what changed between
revsion numbers 2.1 and 2.2?"

Anyhow, any ideas would be appreciated.

- Robert

"Jim.Hyslop" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Robert D. Young wrote:
> > It's actually to see the copy forensically as it appeared on
> > the original
> > system.
> Can you elaborate on this a little? Why are you doing this? Big-picture
> explanation, not the details.
> I have found that many of the requests for help for exotic features like
> this can be resolved much more easily using different techniques - but in
> order to suggest those techniques, we have to know what you are trying to
> accomplish.
> Picture the following conversation. You get a phone call from a friend,
> asks if he can borrow some power tools. "Why?" you ask. "I need to cut a
> hole in my front door." What your friend hasn't told you, is that he broke
> his key in the lock, and wants to cut the hole in the door so he can reach
> inside to unlock the door. If you knew that, you could say "What happened
> the key to your side door that you hid in your garage?"
> So far, you've just asked for power tools.
> > For example, if the original programmer referred to
> > it as 2.7, I'd
> > like to see that.
> The original programmer - indeed, anybody using CVS - should never refer
> "2.7". We should refer to "tag ProjectName_v2_3_build44". To you and me, a
> revision number should be treated as a "magic number" that only CVS knows
> about, understands, and manipulates.
> > I'm just curious if it can be done, one-time or not.
> Well, it can be done, but I'm not going let you cut a hole in your front
> door until I know that your side-door key isn't available ;-)
> -- 
> Jim Hyslop
> Senior Software Designer
> Leitch Technology International Inc. (
> Columnist, C/C++ Users Journal (

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