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Need to force username of cvs 'action' when using shared SSH account

From: Tim Grotenhuis
Subject: Need to force username of cvs 'action' when using shared SSH account
Date: Sat, 1 May 2004 08:51:47 -0400

I have cvs running on a shared box at my isp.  They don't allow
pserver to run and port 2401 is closed to the outside, and besides I
am much more comfortable with the security of SSH.

So I set up access using SSH.  I created a key pair, and put the
public key in the authorized_keys2 file.  I set up PuTTY to manage the
SSH session on my windows machine and WinCVS to access the repository
using SSH.  Everything worked fine.

Here is the issue:  I noticed that the name of the committer for each
file that I committed was unix account id, or the one that is used to
SSH into the cvs machine.  Now I have multiple developers(committers)
and ONLY ONE shared shell account on the machine where is CVS is
running.  I need to be able to force a unique name for each developer
that CVS will log.

Here is what I've tried so far:

A. In front of each developers public key, I placed:


where the setuserscript would export a variable ( I tried CVS_USER,
USER, and LOGNAME) and then run cvs server:

  export CVS_USER=$1
  cvs server

This is pretty cool, because it will execute this script when the
developer accesses the shared account through this public key. The
script definitely ran, but the committer name didn;t get changed.

There HAS to be a way to force cvs to record the correct committer

Please keep in mind: I would like to be able to use WinCVS as the
client, but if I need to switch to another client, I will.

Thanks in advance.  I really think this is a tough one.


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