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Re: Module aliases

From: xyzzy
Subject: Re: Module aliases
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 17:00:20 +0300
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On Thursday 29 April 2004 20:48, Jim.Hyslop wrote:
> address@hidden wrote:
> > Very cool, Jim, thanks so much.
> You're welcome.
> > One final question that you touched on in passing... is it
> > enough to just
> > restart the CVS server after I change this directory
> > structure?  Or, does CVS
> > keep state information over restarts, so that all users must
> > release their
> > copies?
> You don't need to do anything to the server, other than move the files
> around. Unless you want to make sure nobody tries to check anything in or
> out while you're working, in which case you could either shut down the
> server, or create empty CVSROOT/readers and CVSROOT/writers files.
> The only state that will be affected is the state in the user's
> CVS/Repository file. That's why the users must delete their local copies
> and check them out afresh after the move is complete. If they don't, then
> CVS will look in the CVS/Repository file, and see the original project/a
> directory - which doesn't exist any more.


I don't mean to throw a monkey wrench into this, but I just realized that I 
might have a very large problem with moving and renaming things on the 
server.  This is a project that has an external vendor, and we will possibly 
be updating our local copy via CVS over the Internet... Won't changing the 
file structure mess this up?

Is this a problem, and if so, can you think of a way to do what I want without 
touching the server file structure, besides the way that I am using with 

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