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Re: Fw: need to force username of cvs 'action' when using shared

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: Fw: need to force username of cvs 'action' when using shared
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 13:25:31 -0400 (EDT)

Tim Grotenhuis writes:
>  My script that runs in the command="" option in the authorized_keys2 file
>  runs successfully and I can control the input based on which key (ie, which
>  developer) is used.  I am looking for the correct environmental variable
>  that CVS WILL look at.

There isn't one.

>  I just can't imagine that this hasn't been required before: a single shell
> account with a used id of, for example,  'cvsuser' requiring SSH, instead of
> pserver, authentication and access for developers.  The nature of CVS, that
> of tracking diffs and who did what when, seems to be compromised in this
> situation.  Thats all.

What you're doing (using a single account for everyone) is what is
compromising the tracking.  What you're asking for would completely
compromise the tracking since it would allow absolutely anyone to commit
changes whilst claiming to be anyone else they like.  Only privileged
users can change their UID, but anyone can set environment variables. 
If you really need multiple users with a single system ID, I suggest you
look into running pserver over an SSH tunnel.

-Larry Jones

Everything's gotta have rules, rules, rules! -- Calvin

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