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Re: CVS Newbie Q: Simultaneous checkouts

From: Dennis Jones
Subject: Re: CVS Newbie Q: Simultaneous checkouts
Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 17:20:46 -0700

No, it does not; hence the name, Concurrent Versions System.  When multiple
users have the same file checked out, each can make independent changes
simultaneously.  CVS does the dirty work of merging the changes when the
file is committed back to the repository.

- Dennis

"CSharpner" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> Please forgive my green-ness to CVS.
> I've been using VSS for I guess about a decade now (sorry :)  In VSS,
> when one person has a file checked out, other people are prevented
> from checking it out at the same time.  Does CVS do the same?

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