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CVS --- Read Write Permissions

From: vikas arora
Subject: CVS --- Read Write Permissions
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 18:06:39 +0530

I have got following structure of my existing system
Linux Server(Acting as a CVS and Samba File Server)------->  XP Clients
I am having three groups ADMIN, BSSEG, BSSIG with following scenario to be taken care of
BSSEG can check out any file from the repository, do the changes and checkin back to the repository
BSSIG can only read i.e checkout the files but can't check in the files/ release a version.
I know it is possible using CVS but could not accomplish it. I have tried readers and writers option in CVS but havn't seen any fruitful results.
Kindly let me know the settings for readers and writers. Also let me know whether the same can be accomplished using the samba shares or going to unix level permissions.Also I can have third group having only execute privileges.
Vikas Arora

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