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RE: Problems tagging files using a macro

From: Fouts Christopher (IFNA MP)
Subject: RE: Problems tagging files using a macro
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 17:37:45 -0400

I believe this is CVS-related rather than unix-related (per se) so here

I have an *.sh script owned by user1/group1 on system1 that does the
following. File has rwxr-x--- permissions.

        > cvs -d /cvsroot rtag -r b_branch BR`date +%E%m%d` proj

which tags the b_branch of proj with the day's date, e.g., BR20040503 (those
are back quotes around the date command). If user1 runs this command on
system1, where the proj file physically reside, it runs.

Enter user2/group1 (same group) on system2. /cvsroot directory of system1 is
NFS-mounted on system2 (I didn't set this up) so 

     system2:/cvsroot --> system1:/cvsroot

Now when user2 executes the script, it gets

Assertion failed: strncmp (repository, CVSroot_directory),
strlen(CVSroot_directory)) == 0, file lock.c line 176 Abort

We have CVS v1.10.8 (don't ask why not the latest, I did).

Any clues???

Chris T Fouts

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