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Repository hierarchy

From: mohit . suley
Subject: Repository hierarchy
Date: Tue, 4 May 2004 11:44:14 +0530


I have a CVSROOT tree structure like this:


Certain new modules have come up for development which are logically a part of the existing ones, but would be developed independently.

My first question: Should I create a separate module altogether? (like business1_module1_1 .... )

If I plan to create it *inside*  business1_module1(so that I don't clutter up /cvsroot with 100's of projects) ,  I would have to make changes to the 'modules'  file. I did this:

business1_module1_1        -d business1_module1/business1_module1_1
business1_module1        -d !business1_module1/business1_module1_1 business1_module1

However, when I do a checkout of business1_module1_1, the sandbox first has the subdirectory business1_module1.

Question:  How do I have business1_module1_1 as the 'root' module directory on my sandbox?

Finally, is there any set of guidelines that a CVS administrator should follow on the repository hierarchy when a large number of projects/sub-projects exist?



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